As the launch date of FIFA 17 approaches, loyal FIFA fans across the globe are getting increasingly excited and impatient. The prospect of playing the newest instalment of their favorite franchise is a source of immense joy although this intense passion has triggered meaningless conflicts among comrades in the past.

FIFA 17 aims at utilizing the time-tested FIFA concept to produce a better and cohesive game that lasts longer. Moreover, the game will include novel features such as the journey mode, which allows the player to assume the role of a young and hopeful amateur player with future ambitions in football. This is a revolutionary feature because similar football games have never incorporated role-playing modes with complete cutscenes in their design. Furthermore, according to trustworthy reports from EA, fans should expect to encounter the famous Jose Mourinho in FIFA 17.

To enhance the gameplay experience, the game utilizes the highly acclaimed EA frostbite program, which has proven its efficiency in titles such as Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield 1, and upcoming releases including Mass Effect: Andromeda. Therefore, fans should expect an aesthetically pleasing game.

Experienced fans should not worry about their skills becoming irrelevant in this game. The game retains the basic moves. Therefore, if you have developed your skills by practising in prior releases, expect to benefit from your expertise in this new game by winning against your challengers in the ultimate team mode as well as the online feature.

In the career feature, you have more power over your team, and you can choose to create your own customized direction on the sidelines as the match proceeds. The amount of options that constitute this new game is immense. Therefore, gamers will require a whole year to completely explore the game.

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