EA has made an exciting revelation that details how the journey feature in the FIFA 19 release has been stretched to contain three players that changed midgame. The company subsequently explained that the fans can join the odyssey of all the heroes in the feature, which is a chronological tale that reaches its end in this latest game in the FIFA series.

The player is free to guide either Kim Hunter, Danny Williams, or Alex Hunter through a quest for supremacy as their respective careers go through the typical stages that characterize the life of a modern professional footballer. Moreover, you can change your avatar at any stage, as the stories simultaneously intertwine to improve your experience. In this journey, you also meet some of the most illustrious soccer players across different leagues including Kevin de bryne, Paulo Dybala, Alex Morgan, and Neymar.

EA Sports has released a brief outline of the story mode that is officially christened “The Journey: Champions”. The adventure begins with Alex fulfilling his lifelong dream of joining the elite Spanish club Real Madrid. Alex initially encounters Danny Williams during the final trials of the National Football Academy, and the pair develops a rivalry.

However, as the story progresses, they become friends while playing for the same team in the second division. Alex later heads to LA, and Danny rejoins his former team to inspire his teammates to glory in the absence of his friend. Eventually, Hunter returns and forces Danny to assert his work harder to prove that he is still valuable to his teammates. The journey also features a female footballer known as Kim Hunter. She is a young lady with ambitions of achieving the highest accolades in the game. Moreover, she is the half-sister of Alex Hunter.

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