For those who love both football and riddles, many football riddles out there will challenge your brain. These insanely hard riddles will make you think outside the box. Below is a list of riddles that you will surely want to solve.

Who among the following players has played for Liverpool, Manchester United, Everton and Manchester City?

  1. Allan Shearer
  2. Kevin Reagan
  3. Bryan Barnes
  4. Peter Beardsley

The correct answer is 4) Peter Beardsley. He is an English midfielder who played during the year 1979 and 1999. He has played with Newcastle, Everton, and Liverpool and Castle United. He has also played for short periods with Manchester City and Manchester United. He has represented his country 56 times during his playing season.

Kevin Richardson played for several English clubs except?

  1. Everton
  2. Coventry City
  3. Watford
  4. Barnsley9

The correct answer is 3) Watford. Kevin Richardson is also an English football player. He has played in several English clubs like Everton, Arsenal and Aston Villa. However, he has never played for Watford.

One of the oldest continental football championships is AFC Asian Cup. It is second after Copa America. The country with the most titles in AFC Asia is Japan. It has four titles. The first world cup that Germany won was in which year?

The first world cup that Germany won was in Switzerland in 1954. They defeated the Golden team of Hungary. The German fans call this match the miracle of Bern. Since then, the country has won three other world cups. The team is ranked second after Brazil, which has won the most world cups.

In the game that Argentina won their first football cup against Uruguay by a 4-2 win, what made their game very unusual?

The game was unusual because two different balls were used during the match. Argentina provided the first ball, which was called Tiento. There was a 2-1 win during the first half. In the second half, Uruguay provided the second ball T-Model. This was a bit heavier and larger than the ball that was used in the first half. It resulted in a 4-2 win by Argentina.

The 1992 UEFA European championship was won by which team?

In 1992, Denmark took home the UEFA championship. The team had only progressed because their opponent Yugoslavia was disqualified because there was a lot of warfare in their country.

In which year did the Soviet Union defeat Yugoslavia in a football match during the Olympic Games?

In 1956, Melbourne, Soviet Union defeated the Yugoslavians. There was a reversal of seasons in the Southern hemisphere, which resulted in the games being held during winter. This inconvenienced the Yugoslavian athletes who accustomed to resting in the winter. On the other hand, it favoured the Soviet Union.

Answering riddles is a very fun thing to do as it keeps your brain active and entertained. Above is just a list of a few of the football riddles that you will definitely want to solve.

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