eSports is a digital sport, but that doesn’t mean that players don’t need some sort of sportswear during tournaments. According to research released by, In eSports tournaments, players wear the same custom t-shirts or personalized garments to represent their team. Some teams have great sportswear while others are simply difficult to look at. In this article, different eSports teams are ranked from worst to best dressed. Read on to see the list.

10. CDEC Gaming

CDEC Gaming is a China-based team that specializes in killing on games, but they are not that deadly when it comes to dressing. Their polos, for instance, may look better if paired with trousers. They dress differently, hence, they take our number ten spot as the worst dressed eSports team.

9. Wings Gaming

For this team, their logo creates long awkward spaces. This makes the team’s attire seem ancient and not flattering.

They hold our number nine spot although this has to do little with their success in the competitions they participate in. In fact, most recently, they emerged as the International 2016 Grand Champions.

8. Natus Vincere

This is a Ukrainian team bearing Latin name which means ‘Born to Win’. They picked black and yellow hoodies as their uniform. However, they matched these hoodies with colorful pants – the main reason why they don’t rank higher in our list.

7. Team OG

Team OG wears their signature colors green and black. Their t-shirts look nice and not appalling compared to the other teams above. These t-shirts can fit even better when one has big muscles.

6. Invictus Gaming

The Invictus gaming team settled for a zip-up jumper as their ideal option. They, however, ruined their attire by trying to make sleeves look like leather. The chest is made up of matte while the sleeves are shiny. This makes this attire look more of a rubbish bag.

5. Team Secret

It would be right to say that they have the best logo on the entire list. However, this logo does not blend at all with their t-shirts. This makes the attire look futuristic. The waist also has a color block that is really galling.

4. Team Liquid

This is a team based in Holland. They have had issues regarding their uniforms. Initially, they used to wear blue t-shirts. They, later on, shifted to a kit similar to that of a professional soccer team. They have artistically printed a horse head across the chest, making their kit even more appealing.

3. Virtus Pro

If this team were to lend their uniform to any professional sports team, it would be hard to notice. Their t-shirts would fit well in the rugby world.

2. SK Telecom T1

The team is based in Korea. It has various choices of uniform. It has baseball shirts and varsity jackets. However, we fancy the red polos which are unique and fashionable.

1.Vici Gaming

This Chinese team leads in our ranking since they are like ninjas ready to strike. Their black and green jackets are fashionable and visibly appealing.

The more fashionable and appealing the teams’ kit is, the more attractive it is to the fan base. Nevertheless, the sportswear of a team does not really speak for its performance in the game.

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