According to a report on a White House Meeting on Thursday, President Donald Trump mentioned his concern about violence on video games and movies shaping the thoughts of the youth of today. President Trump isn’t the first one to point out these concerns as there have been a number of parents who have complained about the psychological impact violence in games may cause. As mentioned by TruthFinder Review: Is The Background Check Actually Accurate? (2019) this is a serious issue for whole country.

This is due to the presence of shooting incidents in schools appearing in the news. One instance was that of an 18-year-old student who killed 9 students in Munich last July 2016. According to background check services, this boy was an avid player of first-person shooting games.

What Research Tells Us

According to a report by the American Psychological Association, violence in video games was shown to have an effect on aggression, as per their research task force. However, it is hard to conclude as to whether this level of aggression can translate to criminal behavior. Furthermore, video games only contribute one factor to aggressive behavior while there are other factors that may add to the formula. Limited research won’t be able to pinpoint as to how much video games can affect aggressive tendencies.

While there is no conclusive evidence for us to take, the American Academy of Pediatrics still states that violence in all kinds of media does not set a good example for kids. For instance, killing in video games award the player points such as in first person shooter games. This would subconsciously convince a child that he or she will be rewarded for inflicting damage on to someone else. According to the AAP, they conducted over 400 studies that were able to draw a significant connection between violent behavior and video games, concluding that video games are not good for children.

The Other Side of the Coin

However, not everyone agrees with this statement. Whitey DeCamp of Western Michigan University did his own research on the subject. DeCamp claims that children who like to play violent video games may already have violent tendencies, which is why they are drawn to the games in the first place. That said, he reiterates that games may possibly not cause violence but may be a result of having pre-existing violent streaks. In his research, he used information from a Delaware School Survey of 2008 and pit the results against other factors that may trigger aggression. His findings showed that there cannot be a conclusive link between violent behavior and video games.

The Final Answer?

So what exactly is the final answer to the question as to whether video games can influence violent tendencies? Well, these studies show that there is no direct link between the two factors. While we can say that video games can cause aggressive tendencies or it can be a result of already being aggressive, we have to take other factors involved when looking at aggression and criminal behavior. Clearly, video games aren’t the only factor in aggression. By taking games and other factors into consideration, it would be possible to come up with more conclusive evidence of a link.

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