With the popularity of online gaming, PlayStation, and Xbox, you have to acquire the skill of recording cool moments and highlights while playing your favorite game. For a lot of gamers, it is a skill that must be learned as it is already an important part of today’s modern video gaming. Sometimes they are skilled enough to get lots of xbox clips or xboxclips but can’t record it live. The presence of social media is also an added influence for you to learn the skill of recording gameplay to share game videos and highlights to your friends and inner circles.

For Xbox One and other new generation of game consoles, it is now so easy to record game videos and capture highlights minus those expensive game accessories and capture cards. Recording you and your friend’s one-on-one on NBA 2K or FIFA gameplay highlights on Xbox is now an easy thing to do, and this article will show you how.

Recording Gameplay Video on Xbox One

Xbox One comes with a buffer that can be used in recording the last five minutes of your gameplay. This can be used in capturing those cool moments and game highlights while playing the game. For recording videos that include game menus, you will still need to use an external capture card as Xbox One can only record the in-game videos. Below are the steps in recording gameplay on Xbox One.

  1. Press the Xbox button located at the top-center of the game controller if you want to capture special moments and highlights while playing your favorite video game. Pressing the button will let you open a menu that comes with an option of taking a screenshot, recording footage, and adjusting capture options.
  2. If you want to take a screenshot, just simply press Y on your game controller, and Xbox One will capture the screenshot and eventually saves it.
  3. Sharing your recent video game highlight can also be done by pressing X on your game controller. After pressing X, Xbox One will automatically grab footage of the last 30 seconds of your current gameplay. The amount of time is the current default of Xbox One in recording video game highlights and moments.
  4. Pressing the view button, a small circular button found above the D-Pad of your game controller, will provide you with several options in recording and capturing video game highlights. This is your choice if you want to record a particular gameplay with a different length of time compared to the buffer. Simply choose “Record Now” to start recording and press X to end the recording of the video.

How to record longer gameplay videos?

Xbox One allows you to record a maximum of 10 minutes per gameplay on your game console’s internal storage. This is still depending on the amount of space memory of your hard drive and the resolution of your video. Connecting an external hard drive will let you record longer video gameplay to a maximum time of about an hour.


Recording gameplay videos and highlights on your Xbox One is an easy thing to do. Simply follow the steps above, and you can record and capture personal highlights and moments while playing your favorite game.

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