Everyone loves the World Cup. Whether you root for England, Germany, or Brazil, you cannot argue that everyone is united when it comes to adoring the World Cup. That’s why it’s no wonder why most of us can’t get enough of the World Cup that we tend to show our enthusiasm and download games on our phones. If you’re one of the many World Cup lovers searching for such apps, then this guide is for you:


Perhaps every sports fan in the globe is familiar with this app. Not only does it give regular news and reports about various sports, but it has also dedicated a category solely for the FIFA World Cup, to the glee of the World Cup fanatics. It gives insight into group stage tables, fixture dates, kickoff times, statistics, and venue details. Definitely, it is what every World Cup fan needs. The only downside to this app is its ads, but don’t worry, it’s just a few and tolerable.

FotMob World Cup 2018

This is perhaps the most convenient app on this list. Not only does it provide live coverage of the games, but it also has the complete profile of the players and the statistics of the game, in case you missed it. It is now better as it has been updated to include a World Cup predictor and an optional notification push for your chosen team – truly a convenient feature for the World Cup lovers out there.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Official App

There is probably no app better than the official 2018 World Cup app! It provides real-time coverage of all 64 games complete with photos and videos that were taken on the scene. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry if you missed a game because it will all be there in the app. It includes highlights of the games and analysis from pro sports analysts. It also has complete profiles of coaches and players on the app. They even have a section where you can vote for the Man of the Match. Here, you can best enjoy the World Cup experience with this app.

These apps are great and all, but if you’re really looking for that authentic World Cup experience, you might want to try these downloadable games that are based on the World Cup:

FIFA Soccer

This app provides you with real-time soccer experience. It has great graphics and the controls are easy to use and play. Its sleek interface will take you into the world of your dreams – The World Cup. You can choose your favorite team and play with them. How great would that be?

Score! Hero

If you’re looking for casual games with minimal controls and can be played while killing time, then Score! Hero is the app for you. The best thing about this app is that it is played in portrait mode, allowing you to play the game conveniently.

These are just some of the best apps that you can download today. They’re all related to the World Cup, so as a fan, you’ll surely love these.

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