Confess to everyone you play video games, and they will probably tell you that you are a lazy person and most probably add that you cannot be physically fit. Well, you can prove their accusations wrong in one answer with rise of kingdoms. It is as simple as giving them a list of athletes who have admitted to being big-time gamers.

Athletes are obviously fit, and to stay so, they spend many hours in fitness facilities. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t play their favourite video games at all. That said, here are some famous athletes who can help prove that video games are not for lazy and people with unhealthy habits.

Hector Bellerin

If you watch football, mostly the English premier league, then you are familiar with Hector Bellerin, Arsenal’s speedy fullback. He is also an avid gamer, and he probably plays a lot of FIFA; however, he is mostly a fan of Call of Duty.

The Arsenal ace even has a tattoo of a clan he was in with his Spanish friends in the Arsenal youth team.

The Mighty Mouse, Demetrious Johnson

Johnson probably scouts his opponents in UFC games. He is a mighty mouse even when it comes to virtual gaming. Johnson plays a lot of video games including Street Fighter, Hearthstone, and obviously, UFC.

Johnson is a regular streamer on Twitch TV where he enjoys himself while interacting with his fans. He plans to be a full-time game streamer when he retires from mixed martial arts.

Andre Pirlo

You would think that the former Italian midfield maestro would never waste his time on a video game. You would be wrong because Pirlo is a video game fanatic, mostly FIFA. Pirlo even stated in his autobiography that after the wheel, PlayStation is the next biggest invention of all time.

He likes to play with Barcelona most of the time but switches to the Milan teams a few times. He says that the number of virtual matches he has played is four times more than the real matches he played during his career. With his composure and leadership skills, he would probably be good at Rise of Kingdoms.

Max Holloway

If you follow Conor McGregor, then you can see Max take Conor to the limit in the early days of Conor in the UFC. Max is a big-time player that he has even launched his YouTube gaming channel. He mostly plays call of duty and EA Sport’s UFC 2.

Gordon Hayward

The NBA star follows eSports, and he has even appeared as a commentator in recent events. He used to play Halo in his teenage times, even during school dances. I wonder whether he could commentate Rise of Kingdoms!

David Meyler

Hull City’s David Meyler is a YouTube star, thanks to his dedication in honing his FIFA skills in recent years. Meyler is a regular streamer on Twitch TV, and he also uploads highlights of his matches on YouTube. He plays FUT Champions, and he is among the best in the league.

These are just some of the famous athletes who, besides doing what they do best in their respective sports, also take time playing various video games.

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