Roblox intends to intensify football fanaticism. FC Barcelona, one of the biggest brands in the world of football, is now being incorporated into gaming avatars. The classic Barça red and blue striped pattern were ditched for an avant-garde Croatian checkers. Furthermore, Frankie de Jong’s possible amalgamation with Neymar Jr. and Antoine Griezmann this summer will surely enthrall fans all over here the world and will keep the social media abuzz. Most of all, growth opportunities are out in the open since Barcelona has now teamed up Roblox.

Roblox, one of the top online entertainment platforms in the world, allows its users to customize and create their mobile and online games. With this amazing feature, Barça fans can equip their avatars with their team’s new checkered kit. This will create a whole new experience for football fans all over the globe.


While the number of online and mobile gamers grow rapidly, FC Barcelona aims to create a connection with its audiences through a partnership with Roblox. With more than 90 million users, this digital platform gives players a 3D experience of their customized games which allows Barça fans to customize their digital avatars as well. During the shirt launching, the catchphrase “Talent takes different shapes” was imprinted to remind and inspire people to embrace uniqueness in all its forms. The shirt is also an emblem of the Eixample District in Barcelona where Antonio Gaudi’s well-known buildings can be found.

Moreover, Dídac Lee, the FC Barcelona Digital Area Head, expressed his pride over the said project. This enabled them to bring the team closer to many of its young fans globally, authentically, and creatively through a one of a kind gaming experience. They firmly believed that the greatest way to create connections and engagement with their audiences is by introducing new channels of communication. Hence, this enabled an interaction in the digital world as well as in the entertainment and sports industry. He also stated that this will be the start of the many innovations that they will present soon.

Roblox, on the other hand, is one with FC Barcelona in creating connections and inspiring players to be one and to live their lives like real champions. The company, whose mission is to bring the world together through gaming, is set to offer the new FC Barcelona avatar bundle on July 9, 2019.


In its aim to diversify its branding, FC Barcelona also extended its partnership with one of the gaming magnates, Konami. Lionel Messi, as part of the said collaboration, will be the star cover of eFootball PES 2020. Additionally, Pro Evolution Soccer will also be releasing a Barça special edition. This is being offered in order to give an equal chance for both parties to profit on the said undertaking. They also added a feature wherein fans can choose the football star who will grace the cover of a particular game.

Konami will also advertise inside Nou Camp, as well as on several other platforms, and coordinate with FC Barcelona players to get more marketing ideas. The head of FC Barcelona Commercial Area, Josep Pont, said that the company is delighted to renew its partnership with the gaming company Konami. Their relationship, which began three years ago with the new arrangement as Global Partners, serves as evidence of how they strive together to achieve excellence and share values such as camaraderie, teamwork, respect, and effort. Also, in an interview, Blackbird eSports’ Reza Abdolali said that they are dealing with highly connected and fresh target group that is open to innovative services and products and consumer-friendly.  Moreover, eSports and gaming have now become an integral part of pop culture and intend to penetrate the clubs as well as advertising companies. Thus, they are firm with their commitment to connecting with fans in the eSports universe.


Clubs shouldn’t just join the bandwagon just for the sake of being in the loop. This might just discourage virtual gaming fans. According to Media Chain- United Kingdom, because of the great diversity in the gaming community, clubs need to evaluate their audiences. They call for the need to fill the emotional and cognitive gap between the culture of gaming and marketing teams and to actively cluster gamers in appropriate groups. This will enable clubs to thrive in the competitive world of online and mobile gaming.

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