Since the explosion of online games in the past decade, the gaming experience has evolved.  And with this evolution, servers need to keep up.  When you are connected to a good ASHosting server, you become completely immersed in the world of that game.  However, online gaming experiences aren’t always pleasant.  When you unfortunately connect to a poor host, gaming becomes a nightmare.  As more people get connected from all over the world through multi-player games, the demand for more reliable and faster resources keeps on growing so it could match the gamers’ craving for a superb gaming experience.

This demand for best performing servers generated a buzz among gamers about game hosting on dedicated servers.  More commonly used by PC gamers, the use of dedicated servers has also transitioned to other consoles as well.  Popular games like Minecraft, Team Fortress, and Call of Duty allow individuals to run games on their own dedicated servers. Some games, like the Battlefield series, rent servers out to cater to the demand.

Overall, a dedicated gaming server elevates the gaming experience, whether it’s PC or console.  Simply put it this way, if you like hosting multiplayer games, here is a list of the benefits you get when you are game hosting on a dedicated server:

Customization and control

Without a dedicated server for game hosting, you are limited to the game developer’s default gameplay aspects.  A dedicated server allows you to fabricate your own rules.  It makes you in-charge of the game updates and even customize the setup and all aspects of the gameplay.  You can even add modifications as well.  This feature also gives you the ability to regulate the players connecting to your server.  You can mute, kick, or ban anyone who you feel is taking away the enjoyment out of the game.

Better Performance

With a peer-to-peer connection, once you log in, the game will search for the best host, but you don’t always end up connecting to a good host at all.  Poor hosts will make matches suffer.  A dedicated server nullifies this problem, giving you an overall better performance of the game matches, add to that, a host advantage which gives you faster reaction time.

Speed optimization

It’s common knowledge that players with high ping or slow web connection makes the game matches suffer.  A dedicated server protects the games from the effects of these types of lags.

Safe storage for game progress saves

Interrupted and slow saves are a common source of frustration for gamers.  Dedicated servers solve that problem with fast caching.

Comes with awesome customer support

Not all gamers have the technical knowledge for server setup, operation, and troubleshooting procedures.  Game Hosting service providers make sure that you get a round the clock and professional customer support.  With shared hosting, this type of support is not always available.


If you’re a hard-core gamer, you definitely should consider having a dedicated server.  It allows you to host games without minding the number of players, and issues encountered in shared servers, allowing you to get the best gaming experience, and never have to worry about pesky game interruptions.

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