Mobile gaming and Meta Comps has been a trend because of what the world is experiencing right now as the general public stays indoors.

There are a lot of mobile games available today and football mobile gaming is one of them. FIFA Mobile is taking a lead when it comes to mobile football games gaining its popularity from the actual FIFA soccer that people around the globe know of.

Before going to the gaming guides in playing FIFA World Cup Mobile, it is very important for you to know that real money is being used in getting new cards in the Market which is part of the app wherein players are bought and sold.

With that being said, the following are the gaming guides that you can refer to with regard to playing FIFA Mobile World Cup.

Team Organization – familiarization is the key especially for newbies

The squad consists of 11 players with the following roles:

1 – Goalkeeper

2 – Right Fullback

3 – Left Fullback

4 – Center Back

5 – Center Back (or Sweeper, if used)

6 – Defending/Holding Midfielder

7 – Right Midfielder/Winger

8 – Central/Box-to-Box Midfielder

9 – Striker

10 – Attacking Midfielder/Playmaker

11 – Left Midfielder/Wingers

Formulate Formation

Create two formations for the gameplay. Strategic planning is the key component in this mobile game.

Learn how to designate your players. Proper positioning increases the chances of winning.

Play Market

Learn how to use the search function as this gives vast information to help you strengthen your squad.

Tip:  Type names of players you are looking for in the format of between quotes, no space in between names. For example, “Ronaldo””Kane””Bale” for the results of three players.

The following are the four terms you need to know to achieve the best results from the Market:

EA Bot – handles transactions in the marketplace. This system comes between you and other players when it comes to selling player cards and items. Transactions do not happen directly between players in that sense.

BIN – means Buy It Now Price in which you will pay more than usual because you are buying a player card that you do not wish to compete.

Timer – term on which market runs which is around every 5 minutes.

Sniping – the art of playing the market which is buying players at low prices and reselling them to turn a profit.

In-game tips

Stamina Bar – each performance costs a stamina bar.

Focus on Form evens than Domination events in using stamina for better gains

Stick for higher payoffs

Daily warm-ups and Training – keep skills sharp and also rewards a Pro Pack and special All-Pro Pack for diligence in daily tasks. This is a beginner’s advantage in strengthening a squad.

Cash Rewards

Trophy plans – old bronze and silver players can be exchanged for trophies if you are not likely to use them for very long. Trophies can be placed into upgrade plans which can be sold for a higher price.

Proper management of standing in the leaderboards also gets rewards.

Players with most goals in leagues are given overwhelming prizes, so keep an eye on the opportunities.

Proper usage of gaming guides leads to better chances of winning in every match. Mobile gaming is fun to do especially since most of us stay indoors but a very important reminder should be bear in mind that this should also be done in moderation as too much mobile gaming also causes health hazards.

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