Playing a scrabble go cheat is fun and entertaining. The feeling one gets when he/she is rearranging some letters to form a word is overwhelming, especially when you beat your opponent. The game of scrabble not only provokes the mind but also gives people a sense of fun when many people are playing the game.

In today’s modern time, where people are remarkably busy, the feeling of playing the game using the wooden tiles, and smoothening cardboard are long gone. Luckily, advancement in technology has made it possible for people to play the game online. This way, people can connect virtually and enjoy the game anywhere they are.

Below are some of the best places people can play scrabble online.

  • Facebook

Facebook is one of the best places to play scrabble, especially if it involves many people. The online version of the game can be played on both android, and iPhone devices since its developers have enabled it to be downloaded. Besides, people living in other continents can count on Facebook as a good platform to play the Scrabble GO easily.

However, this platform may not be the most ideal place for you if you are looking for a more competition. This is because it is extremely easy to play and not competitive enough. The dictionary in the game allows players to include fake names which make it unpredictable in coming up with a legitimate name. It also has a ‘teacher’ feature which aids people in formulating words.

  • Pogo

When you want to embrace the spirited nature of the scrabble game, Pogo is the best place to play the game. To play, you need to create a Pogo account and fill in all the details. A player can play the game against the computer system or against other players.

Another advantage of playing the game is that once a word has been selected, one cannot detract from it; hence giving your opponent to choose his word.

Players can also play various scrabble GO tournaments, and customize the gameplay, giving one the chance to play with many other players. People can also make money when they play the game consistently by checking the rankings on their dashboards.

  • ISC

Commonly known as the Internet Scrabble Club, this platform allows players to play the game against the very elite pros of the game online. Various tournaments are held and played here where some prizes are won based on the ranking system.

For people to begin playing the game, registration is required. You also need to download the WordBiz program. The game also requires plenty of critical thinking, and a mathematical brain to come up with the best words in the game.

Other Platforms for Playing Scrabble

Apart from the three above online sites, there are other online places where scrabble can be played. They include:

  • Pixie Pit Scrabble which is mainly email-based.
  • WorldWinner, which involves gambling.


If you are fanatic of the Scrabble Go, you may want to consider the above platforms to play the game. You can use these platforms to play the game of scrabble with your friends and family.

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