Due to recent discoveries and passed legislations, medical marijuana has gained popularity among the masses. These days, it has even made its presence known in the world of sports – specifically, in the world of football.

According to the fact shared by cbdforsure.com,  Marijuana is still very much considered an illegal drug under the rules of the World Cup. Any player tested positive for the substance will undeniably be disqualified from the tournament. However, CBD or cannabidiol, referring to the component of marijuana that is not psychogenic by nature as opposed to its counterpart, THC, has been removed from the list of banned substances as issed by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Players, coaches and fans alike see this as a very big game changer in the world of football.

What is CBD?

To understand why the world of football is ablaze with talks about this particular product, we must first understand what it is. So, what exactly is CBD? As mentioned before, it is the non-psychogenic part of marijuana. With that said, CBD is being marketed as having all the benefits of marijuana with absolutely none of the consequences so infamously related to it.

Sold in forms such as pills and oils, CBD soothes and relaxes its users, and this makes it a very attractive product to athletes, especially to those who physically push themselves to their bodies’ breaking points nearly everyday.

Players are under constant, nearly crushing pressure every single day to perform at their very best. Football players who are involved in the World Cup, in particular, follow an immensely rigorous schedule each season. Games are of high-intensity, and the expectations can soar to incredible heights. With all of this in perspective, it does not become so difficult to understand why so many football players would seek quick comfort and easy alleviation through drugs and how so many of them have even lost their careers because of it.

Fortunately, with the legalization of the use of CBD oil for pain relief, football players can now enjoy the benefits of CBD without facing the legal consequences later.

How does CBD help FIFA World Cup players?

Considered by many to be a much healthier alternative to traditional drugs that athletes are provided with as quick fixes to their aches and pains, CBD is making itself known to the football industry.

CBD offers a wide variety of benefits – from helping with inflammation to soothing muscle spasms to alleviating pain in general. In addition, CBD’s administration is non-invasive, which means that there are no injections involved in the use of CBD as it typically only needs to be rubbed or massaged onto the affected areas.

In addition, various clinical studies support CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety. This is incredibly helpful for football players participating in the World Cup, where millions watch their every move. Even more, CBD has the potential to reduce stress through hormone regulation coupled with physical activity.

Though the effect of the WADA’s decision to vouch for CBD is excellent news for World Cup players, it does not necessarily affect all sports in general. CBD is yet to make its rounds in organizations such as the NBA or NFL. Even so, everyone is glad to know that FIFA World Cup players can finally enjoy the physical and mental benefits of CBD with the absence of legal restrictions.

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