Is it possible to earn money while playing video games? The answer is definitely yes, and you can even earn a lot of money if you work hard for it. It is the dream of all video gamers to earn an income while playing the video game they love. There are many resources available online to read more about this however, a lot of work must be done, and earning a good amount of money will not come easily.

That said, below are the different ways a video gamer can earn money while playing games.

Participate in Video Game Tournaments

The video gaming community is regularly organizing tournaments all year long. These tournaments offer big prizes to all winners. If you are a gamer who has what it takes to dominate and beat opponents in a tournament format, then this is the best way to earn money while playing the game. If your skills are still subpar, then better play and practice more to improve and get the confidence you need in participating in video game tournaments in the future.

Be a Twitch Streamer

If you are not familiar with Twitch, it is an online platform affiliated with Amazon that lets you earn money through streaming with the support of all your subscribers. You can stream a video game that you like and show it to your subscribers after opening a user account on Twitch. The key here is to build a fan base and gather a lot of subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more views and opportunities for sponsorships and giveaways will come your way.

Just make sure to focus only on a single account, as having mulitple user accounts could only divide your subscribers.

Be a Video Game Blogger

If you have the ability to write and are also into video gaming, you can build a website and a blog dedicated to your passion. From there, you can write news articles and new events inside the video gaming industry. You can even review new release games and sell video gaming stuff on your website. The key is to bring traffic to your blog for you to be able to monetize through advertisement to earn some money.

Host a YouTube Video Gaming Channel

If you have the skill and equipment to create video and also happen to like video games, then having a YouTube channel can earn you a decent amount of money. You can create a video about different topics in the gaming industry including live streams, video game reviews, video game events, and many more.

In order to monetize your channel, a good amount of subscribers is needed for you to be able to connect your channel to Google Adsense which will let you earn money through advertisements.

Be a Game Beta Tester

Although it does not pay a lot of money, testing a new game can let you earn money. There are large game studios that have an opening for game testers, allowing you to earn as much as $10 to $17 per hour of gameplay. Although the job is easy, it can get boring at times because you will have no control over the games that you will play. However, game testing still one of the easiest ways to earn money online.


There are many ways that you can earn money while playing games. The methods above are proven and effective ways that will let you earn a good amount of money if done properly.

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