Are you curious how exciting would it be to play different kinds of roles in this world? For example, becoming a city planner, ats mods or a car racer? Well, there is a lot of business, cooking, farming, and even truck simulator you can play online. Simulators are those games that make you emulate real-life activities in the virtual world.

Read more to know the 5 best simulation games you should play.

The Sims 4

Most online gamers grow up with The Sims. Now, the developers, Maxis and Sim Studio, introduced The Sims 4, the new truck simulation which remains difficult to beat when it comes to popularity. The game gives the player to create, customize, and control people. You can change every detail from Sims, partners, homes, professions, and a lot more.

Fishing Clash

Want to discover the fun of fishing games? Check out Fishing Clash and explore the fishing places, open spaces, and poles to catch fish. Get into a real fishing match against players around the world. Choose proper equipment to catch giant fish. Collect booster cards to upgrade your fishing gear – it will enhance your skills and perform the tasks better.

Dragon City

Dragon City is one famous simulation game that allows you to grow dragons, train, and also sell them. Like a truck simulator, this game would require players to develop the skills of their dragons to prepare them for battles. Stronger dragons would mean more chances to become the Lord of Dragons. Fight with other players to improve your level and unlock some perks.

Wild Hunt

Are you looking for the best hunting game which is as exciting as a truck simulator? Well, Wild Hunt may be the one for you. Players in this game are, of course, would go a hunting trip, choose weapons, hunt different kinds of animals, join battles, and many more. Hunt big animals such as bears, elks, and wolves, to earn money so you can purchase weapons and unlock new locations.

Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is an exciting game that will let you experience becoming rich. In this game, you are one energetic investor. Like real-life investors, you would see yourself at the bottom until you become successful and dominate the world.

In this game, you will have to buy a lot of items and sell them. The more you buy items, the easier the tasks and as well as earning virtual money. You can purchase managers that will do the tasks for you and develop your enterprises to earn more money. Begin your journey to becoming a businessman with this interesting simulation game.


There are a lot of simulation games so knowing which is best can be tough. However, once you find the best one would be worthy because of the sheer fun and excitement it gives.

Whether you are a kid, teen, or adult, you would find the best for you because there is a simulation game for almost everything. From farming and fishing to business and war. Try playing the one from our list and experience exciting real-life situations with simulation games.

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