We’ve known video games for many decades. According to osrsguide.com, they provide entertainment for both adults and children even until now. They have changed remarkably since the times of Atari and Nintendo. Now, those days are just memories because of the advancements of technology.

Creating a video game has become significantly complicated, and at present, creating one can cost more than a hundred million. The industry of video games has become exceptionally large. In reality, it is even larger when you combine the music and movie industry. Also, there are more than two billion video gamers around the world, accounting for 26% of the population. Analysts expect that in 2022, the industry will have a total revenue of $196 billion.

Therefore, it is not a surprise if companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google want to take part of the revenue. Jagex, a game developing company in England, is famous for the game Runescape. For that game alone, they gained 92.8 million pounds over a year.

The Participation of Tech Businesses in the Industry

As we’ve mentioned, the three tech giants want to involve themselves in the industry. They are finding ways to stream video games, as easy as playing music on Spotify or enjoying movies on Netflix. Microsoft is already part of the industry and is famous for the Xbox console. Early this year, they launched xCloud. The project permits gamers to stream their Xbox games to other devices.

Facebook created a platform in collaboration with Unity Technology that allows people to create video games. Also, Google made Stadia. It is a gaming service that lets users play games with very high quality. The main goal of these tech companies is to give players a more convenient way of playing games by playing them on their devices.

As the change continues, buying video games on physical stores is starting to become a thing in the past. The future now depends on subscription streaming, and this will be a great advantage for companies such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft because of the cost cut in manufacturing, storing, and shipping.

Retro Video Games

As people get nostalgic about remakes of old shows and films, the same is true for video games. Video games from the past surprisingly are high in demand and are becoming popular again. That fact is not only because of the old generation players but because of players in the present generation.

For that reason, several companies are taking advantage of the fact and launched new console versions. Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Classic Mini, which are consoles that play their classic video games.

The industry of video games is always about innovations. Gamers can expect new experiences in the future. As people spend more of their time on mobile devices, streaming video games on such devices will be a significant factor that affects the revenue. With more and more people getting fond of games, the industry of video games looks brighter as ever.

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