As mentioned by FortniteINC, Fortnite remains to be the top and the hotly-discussed online game, especially for kids and teens. So, here are things you need to understand about the game.

How To Play Fortnite

In the game, players help each other to survive while fighting other game characters or other players. Scenes containing violence are cartoonish, but some may disturb young gamers.

The co-operative or single-player mode requires battling against zombies. However, the game’s most popular playing mode is the “Fortnite Battle Royale,” where 100 gamers enter the contest, competing alone or as a team of four to remain alive and are the only ones standing and staying in the battle arena.

You must make an account to play the game by simply giving your email address. Then, you will receive a message for verification.

The Reasons Behind its Popularity

  • The game is free, and you can play it on Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4.
  • It has simple gameplay, but it is remarkably immersive. Multiplayer games typically last for about 30 minutes.
  • Its designs are appealing, and it has new challenges every week.
  • Its in-game currency, which is V-bucks- gives players a chance to get rewards after completing challenges.
  • It has a massive following on social media.

Age Restrictions

The Pan European Game Information or PEGI considers Fortnite as a rated 12+ video game because of its mild violence scenes. However, some children are 12 years old and below who play this type of game. Therefore, parents must guide their children while playing the game.

Multiplayer Gameplay

The Battle Royale is a game where squads or individual players from all over the world compete. Parents must watch out for their children’s safety because of their uncontrolled chat functionality. That means that players can communicate openly, on-screen, or by voice, with anyone they are battling against. It is similar to the chat functions of other games, and children may learn and get exposed to malicious language, fanaticism, or worst-case scenario, grooming.

Ways to Protect Your Child

  • When opening an account, it is crucial to keep your child’s personal details safe by not giving them away. Note that there is no age-verification in the process. Therefore, know what the risks are if you open an account for your child.
  • The game has three privacy settings levels: (1) Public. Anyone can join your child’s party, (2) Friends. Only friends are permitted to join the party, (3) Private. No one is allowed to enter the party unless the child invites them. It’s important to discuss these matters with your child.
  • Turn off the voice-chat if you think it is not necessary. Be familiar with the settings and guide your child throughout the process.
  • Talk to your son/daughter about undesirable contacts and teach them how to react when others speak the inappropriate language. Tell them that you are ready to hear them when they have trouble against other players or unwanted contacts.

How To Report Bad Behavior

  • Fortnite has a feedback tool that you can click on the game’s Main Menu to report other players with bad behavior.
  • Also, you can email directly Epic Games, the game’s creator, on their website to report any of your concerns.
  • Additionally, you can report to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command or CEP to ask for advice through their safety center online.

In-Game Purchases

The game is free, but purchasing a “season” battle pass can cost you £7.99, where you can get bonus rewards. You can buy in-game items by using your V-Bucks, which you can buy in return for cash.

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