If you enjoy playing online games, you likely know about how to host Minecraft. Because online games keep up with the technology trends, these games have gained more popularity. People who are hosting Minecraft know that utilizing its server is enjoyable. That is because they can create their own gaming rules and environment there. You can also create a community where you can play with other gamers.

Do you want to know how to take advantage of Minecraft Server? If you do not have much knowledge about Minecraft, this might be a bit challenging to do. Nevertheless, in this article, the process of making Minecraft serves is made simpler. Continue reading to find out why gamers enjoy creating Minecraft servers and how you can make yours.

Preparing Minecraft Server

Before you can begin hosting Minecraft, there are system requirements that you need to have. These are the following:

  • A computer with Windows 10 as its server
  • A reliable wired network connection
  • RAM of at least 4 GB is recommended
  • A good plan for internet bandwidth. That is because Minecraft uses an estimate of 100 MB for each player every hour. Therefore, it is suggested to get a plan with unlimited bandwidth if possible.



To set up your server, you need to determine first if you got the proper hardware to make your Minecraft server. Creating a Minecraft server on standard PCs is not a good idea because it will not function properly. The processors of this kind of computer are not sufficient and powerful enough to handle servers like Minecraft.

If you want to play with other people, there is a Minecraft multiplayer version. This means that all the players will connect to 1 server. Therefore, it is important to check if your PC has enough power. You should not install Minecraft on your work PC. This is because it needs much memory and could decrease your PC’s performance to do other tasks.


When creating gaming rules and environments using a server, you are required to have a different network. It would help if you had a steady and fast internet connection with a static IP. You can get this from data hubs and hosting providers.

The game requires a server with lightning speed so that the upload will be fast as well. Having at least 10 MB per second is the overall upload speed needed by the server. If you plan to host your server using your PC, you must share your IP address with the other players. Nevertheless, you are putting your PC at risk since it can cause your network’s DDoS to be attacked since anyone can access the LAN. You can check if there is DDoS protection in your network.

Trying Out Dedicated Servers

Using a dedicated server is a good idea in making your Minecraft server. Dedicated servers are high-performing, so they can satisfy your needs. If you are interested, there are many dedicated servers that you can check online. You can call service providers to determine what dedicated server works best if you are hosting Minecraft.

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