Fresh from the E-Sports News, the latest installment of EA Sports’ massively popular football game, FIFA 20, is out now. As explained by It is said to be the biggest version yet, loaded with many game modes and other new features. In order to prepare your enjoyment, assuming you are a football fan, player, or enthusiast, here is a concise guideline on how to play the game.


Here are the basic controls for FIFA 20:

Short Pass = X (PS4); A (Xbox)

Shoot = Circle (PS4); B (Xbox)

Long Pass = Square (PS4); X (Xbox)

Through Ball = Triangle (PS4); Y (Xbox)

Defense (Contain) = X (PS4); A (Xbox)

Defense (Standing Tackle) = Circle (PS4); B (Xbox)

Defense (Sliding Tackle) = Square (PS4); X (Xbox)

Switch Player = L1 (PS4); LB (Xbox)

Game Modes

Kick Off

Kick Off is a quick match in which you can choose any team from whatever professional club or national team to play and to oppose. It has also other options including Volta Football friendly matches, House Rules games, and major Cup and Tournament Finals.

Career Mode

Career Mode allows you to be a player in the Player Career feature or a manager in the Manager Career feature. As a manager, you can manage a team in playing the matches, do scouting tactics, make player transfers and acquisitions, and perform other managerial activities. As a player, you can build a career from scratch, develop skills, earn accolades, and aim for championships.

FIFA Ultimate Team

In the recent installments, the FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, has been the most popular feature. It enables gamers to build the dream team of 11 players from different teams of different leagues in different nations. Some players can be bought or acquired.

Volta Football

This is the newest addition to the FIFA20 installment that replaces the mode Journey storyline. It is similar to the FIFA Streets series which ran from 2005 until 2012.

Champions League and Tournaments

During FIFA 19, the said feature is added. In this latest installment, it has been improved to include a Career Mode using any European team from different tiers of different leagues. You can also play other tournaments like the Copa Libertadores, Europa League, Copa Sudamericana, and other domestic competitions.

Pro Clubs

Pro Club feature is a game mode where each player can only control one player of the chosen team. This player is custom-made, where it starts with basic skills and stats and can be improved by playing more games in Pro Clubs.


FIFA 20 has just been made bigger than ever. Even the seasoned virtual players can get excited about the new features available. You can simulate your fantasy teams and leagues or you can just create a virtual career that you can put lots of effort with.

EA Sports have been dominating the market for virtual football simulations and even the pro athletes truly enjoy playing the game. Grab a copy now and have fun at your home during the lockdown, playing FIFA 20.

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