FIFA 20 is a simulation of a football video game. Electronic arts have been used to publish it in conjunction with the FIFA series. The release was on 27/09/2019 making it the 27th FIFA series. It can be played via Microsoft Windows and all what you do need is real life experience playing a lot of video games, to become an expert. Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and also in play station 4.

It contains many features that make it popular due to the adjustments made from its previous version. A good record in the game entails winning occasionally in the champion’s league. Testing Games in terms of their levels helps tips efficiency. When you want to beat your competitor, embrace the following tips.

Strafe dribbling

This will help you attain a variety of options, therefore, the ability to go round opponent defenders with ease. It makes this machine a powerful tool for you as a player. Pressing down L1/L2 helps you to keep the ball close while making round moves. R1/RB gives you the ability to get locked towards the direction faced by your opponent.

Timed finishing

This is achieved by ensuring the nailing is timed is essential as it grants you consistent shots. Such shots increase the chance of securing more goals. For instance, practice modes will equip you with skills essential for timing kicks during a free-kick.


The pace is a special feature which when used, enables counterattacks to become lethal. Compared to past FIFAs, passing is unlikely reliable, therefore, attacking using a direct approach is more powerful.

Jockey more while defending

Jockey is useful when outsmarting and taking control of your opponent. In addition to that, always embrace the L2/LT rather than X/A because it is mostly the jockey which is recommended. Furthermore, It has been proven effective when Testing Games before their final release. Patience pays, therefore, wait until the right time then release the jockey and sprint keys at a go for an advanced ball challenge.

Utilizing new kicks which are free

Aiming your kick using the left stick and spin addition with the right stick is an excellent move. For instance, a curve, knuckleball shot, or a dip can be achieved by skillful rotating your stick. A high speed of spin will lead to a more curve and vice versa.

New passing types

You can obtain this by double-tapping the (X/A) or ball triangle/Y hence the defender will be unable to intercept the ball because it will “dink” over. You will overcome any sticky situation especially when almost losing to your opponent. Finally, a looping pass can be attained by pressing Triangle/Y and L1/LB at a go.

Calling your goalkeeper during corners

Basically, this enables your goalkeeper to claim any cross, whereby, Triangle/Y enables the goalkeeper to jump and catch the ball or punch it. This will save a goal hence preventing losing to your opponent.

Practicing new skills

The most standing out skill is the” lateral heel to heel”. It has been rated three stars as it allows a very quick directional change. Holding L1/LB and flicking the right stick from side to side will enable you to perform this new move. In addition, pressing and holding L1/LB and rotating the stick 180 degrees will give a “flare roulette” move which is rated four-star.

Power tackling practicing

It is done by ensuring your tackling power is controlled by pressing down either the O/B or the square/X button. The defender lunges forward enabling you to give the best shot.

Brushing on penalties

Elevation of the shot is made possible by using the left stick, therefore, it is essential to balance the power used. A fine and accurate shot will be made by low power, whereas, high power will give a stronger finish.


The above tips have been proven to be the best when Testing Games. Embracing and practicing such will eventually make you a winner in the FIFA 20 series.

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