With the steadily growing popularity of home and Fatality Servers handheld video game consoles, PC gaming has remained even more relevant today thanks to a considerable number of multiplatform games and the efforts of Valve, the company behind the Steam launcher software. With Steam, you get access to their online store, which is specifically a digital distribution service where you can download and manage your collection of PC games.

To make full use of Steam, check out these top pieces of advice below. Such tips are highly recommended and designed for PC gaming newcomers and experts.

  1. Add a Layer of Account Security

Before you download your favorite PC games right away, it is extremely important to fully secure your Steam account first. Thankfully, the Steam Guard tool takes care of this matter for you easily. To enable Steam Guard, go to Settings, select Account, and choose Manage Steam Guard Account Security. For an even more secure account, you should also use a strong password.

The moment you access your Steam account while Steam Guard is activated, you will receive a special code to verify your account on a new or unrecognized device. You can obtain this certain code either through email or the Steam Mobile phone app, depending on how your Steam Guard is configured.

  1. Organize Your Library With Collections

Once you are all set with your Steam account’s security, you may choose any games that you want to download and play. However, keep in mind that your game library will grow to a hundred or more, and this might create huge problems when arranging them according to your preference. Fortunately, you can sort your library with the help of the Collections feature.

The great thing about Collections is that it lets you create categories for your digital library, such as action and role-playing, for easier organization. To take advantage of this amazing feature, simply right-click on a game’s name and select Add To > New Collection.

  1. Resume Your Game Using Steam Cloud

Your gaming experience is made more accessible on a different computer from anywhere with Steam Cloud, which is a nifty component that lets you save your game data to Valve’s servers for a later session.

Although not all games are Steam Cloud compatible, rest assured that the majority of them support this feature. Just navigate to Settings > Cloud > Enable Steam Could Synchronization and you are all set.

  1. Use Remote Play Together for Multiplayer

Steam has another clever functionality that you should check out: Remote Play Together. The only thing it needs, however, is stable Internet connectivity.

This brilliant feature enables you and your friends to play any multiplayer game of choice even if only one buddy has downloaded the game to his device. To proceed, start the compatible games, invite a friend you want to play with, and navigate to Friends List > Remote Play Together.

  1. Oversee a Game’s Frame Rates

Monitoring your favorite game’s performance, particularly its frames per second (FPS), is possible as well. Just access Settings, select In-Game, turn on the FPS Counter, and launch the game.

Once the frame rate counter shows up on the screen, you can determine how the game fares well. This resource monitoring tool is very useful especially after a brand new GPU is installed on your machine just recently.

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