Warpath and Firefight, one of the most popular games of the year, was recently released to markets. As mentioned on https://warpath.guide/, There are new features included in the game and some mechanics introduced to make the game enjoyable. Both of the games are composed of units, which are in turn composed of miniatures. The miniatures may include the following;


Large Infantry

Massive Infantry/Vehicles

The units are constructed before one intends to begin to play the game. Each of the units is hindered to a certain size based on the number of upgrades required. The units are used properly in the game for battle, and they are a foundation of how certain game dynamics are interpreted in the future.

Comparison between Warpath and Firefight

In the Firefight game, a specific unit usually has distinct miniatures used to track weaponry, damage, and line of sight in the game. The Firefight system is detailed in terms of its developmental gameplay though it is usually on a lower scale. In Warpath, however, the units are composed of specified teams treated as single entities, and they attack and defend as one unit. In terms of systems, the Warpath one is built to accommodate large forces that can be controlled easily and harbor larger games.

Upgrade of units

Adding weaponry and characters can be upgraded through units. There are three upgrade types, and they include Equipment, Personnel, and Support. In Firefight, the upgrades are only possible to each unit per entry, while in Warpath, each team can only be allowed to take each upgrade and continue playing the game. Below are the explanations;

Equipment upgrade

Firepower is increased by replacing the weapons with new and enhanced ones, and it’s done through the miniature. In Firefight, the shooting ranges and abilities are completely distorted or changed, while in Warpath, extra attacks are included without necessarily affecting the gameplay. The range and melee weapons both operate similarly.

Personnel Upgrade

A special leader or a specialist is the reward once a personnel upgrade is achieved through the miniature. The new leader is heavily armed with tons of weaponry, and they also possess new abilities throughout the game. The leaders enable the units to have a boost in morale and be better fighters. The engineers ensure that things such as vehicles are fine and medics boost resiliency.

Support upgrade

A new miniature is added to a unit in the game, and the ones that exist already remain as they are. The Enforcer D.O.G Drone is such an example in the upgrade. Attacks and abilities are also added to the joint unit making the game more interesting.

In the games above, people can play the games by letting one activate the upgrades to ensure that the competitive spirit is enhanced during the gameplay. During the beginning of the game, a roll is conducted, and the person who gets the highest roll begins the game. He/she may use two actions present in their units. Once all the objectives are completed, the opposing player initiates his rolls, and the process goes on until all the units present on the board are activated.


Any person who desires to begin the game can always buy the Rulebook, which has all the game instructions.

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