The Warpath Game by Lilithgames for Android devices was released last September 2020 by LilithGames. It is a game that challenges every player’s strategic thinking.

Here are tips on how to play this phenomenal game:


When sending officers alongside troops, they fight hand in hand with different units. To unlock officers, complete every task in each chapter. Each officer owns a unique skill that he uses for battle.

From the main menu, select Army and determine how you send your officers on missions. An officer gains experience points by completing operations and attacking the Crow. When an officer gains enough experience, he levels up in his section.

Accomplishing officer missions will also improve the hierarchical position of your camp. Camp rank and officer missions usually open once a commander makes it to Level 12. It is crucial to increase the level of your camp so that your units receive special bonuses.


You can obtain units after completing missions, or you can find them in boxes. Select Army, and choose your unit. Click Submit, then choose another unit.

To send additional units into battle, build extra barracks. The total number of soldiers that you can position in your barracks primarily depends on their capacity. You can increase the size of your barracks when you reach a particular level.

To upgrade your units, tap on Inventory, then Units. Select a unit you desire to upgrade. Note that you need combat experience for upgrades. You gain combat experience automatically as you play the game under the Campaign division. Also, you can obtain it by winning against the Raven.


The highest level of your building depends on the level of your commander. When you upgrade a building, you will gain experience points for your commander. As a result, a commander’s level increases.

You can also build research centers to begin researching technologies. Hover over to the Research section and click on Explore. Note that you need to start with basic technologies before progressing to more advanced technologies.

If you want to move your base to a different location, look for Headquarters and click Move. Note that you can’t build and hire recruits while transferring your base. Moreover, to move your base to your alliance’s territory, you can do air deliveries by searching for Base Commands and selecting Deliver by Air.

World Map

Zoom out and press World Map, which is on the left portion of your screen, to view the map. You can use this map to transfer to another city. Just choose a city from the map, then press Move.

Conditions to change your city include the following:

  • Your alliance dominates the territory of a city.
  • Your alliance conquered a transport center linked to the city.
  • You have an entry permit.

If you see the term Advanced Village, it refers to the primary locations found on your map (e.g., town halls, defense headquarters, offensive headquarters, military production zones, etc.)


There you have it; tips you can apply as a player when playing the Warpath Game. With the information provided, you will gain confidence in playing this unique game!

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