The mystic messenger email is a 2016 Korean indie visual novel game created by Cheritz and released on July 8 for Android and August 18 for iOS. Described by its creators as a “Storytelling Messenger Game,” it can also be considered a dating simulator.


However, the game is wholly unique compared to other notable visual novel titles.


Its core gameplay revolves around reading and responding to instant messages (IM) from a handful of cuties whom you get to date. The game lasts for 11 days for each character route.


If you are curious enough about how this game plays out in its entirety, know more about the key features outlined below.



The Passage of Time


Just a heads-up, Mystic Messenger is not supposed to be played whenever you suddenly feel like it because one of its peculiar gameplay elements is the passage of time.


Since IMs have their respective schedule, you can expect to receive them in real-time. Thus, you have the option to respond to notifications or ignore them, just like what you usually do in real life.


Additionally, phone calls and text messages (SMS) have no impact on routes or endings, but they will pop up from time to time to add flavor to the game.


A Lenient Currency System


Once you start playing, available IMs and visual novel segments are then displayed and highlighted in green. In case you miss one of them unintentionally, you can still unlock it with an Hourglass (HG), which serves as a premium currency.


You can earn HG either by paying real-world cash or spending Hearts, an in-game currency. To acquire Hearts, you only have to be observant in the chatroom and deliver insightful responses to your pals. The game requires 100 Hearts for you to get 1 HG.


High Replay Value


Another compelling element the game offers is its replay value.


Even with just the Good, Normal, and Bad endings, you still get to experience a distinctive character route according to which IMs you participated in and the responses you made for an IM. However, the game requires at least about 50% participation for you to secure a specific ending.



Sense of Urgency


There is one exceptional feature that this game has managed to pull off so far: giving the player a sense of urgency.


Initially, you have four days to exchange messages with several different characters and gradually pick one as your potential love interest. Just make sure to catch anyone’s interest by the end of the fourth day, or you will undesirably complete the game with a Bad ending.



Playthrough Tips


Playing Mystic Messenger as early as possible within the day is highly recommended to ensure that you do not miss out on a lot of content. Start a new game around midday to get a Good ending, and right past midnight if you want to check each possible chat.


Keep in mind that the game’s story branches out from the fourth day, as indicated by a padlock icon. After you navigate through a successful story branch, do a manual save. Having a manually saved progress allows you to return to that point and, if you prefer, explore the Bad ending.


Once you have achieved an ending, the Extras menu becomes accessible. Just go to Extras to replay viewed content. Doing subsequent runs enables you to get more content that will supplement this collection.



Final Words


Knowing about the key features mentioned above will surely help improve your gameplay with Mystic Messenger. Make sure to take note of the tips as will because it will eventually be useful for you.


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